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Growth Groups: Growing In, Out & Up

As a church, we exist 'to connect people to God and to each other.' To accomplish this, we're creating space beyond Sunday morning to continue connecting throughout the week. Being an active, participating member in a BNC Growth Group of 8-12 people will give you opportunities to meet interesting people, build friendships, and be known and valued by others.

One of the most (if not the most) important outcomes of active Growth Group involvement is personal growth. Much thought and preparation have gone into the planning of BNC Growth Groups in how they will assist your growth: inward in meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with group members, outward in service to the people in your group, your church and the world around you, and upward in your relationship with God and your deeper understanding of His Word.

What is the meeting format?

Growth Groups meet weekly, primarily in homes, for about an hour and a half. We use the platform RightNow Media to watch bible based videos and facilitate prewritten discussion questions. We spend time getting to know one another, praying for and encouraging one another. 

Growth Groups follow a semester system: 
Fall semester: October through mid-December
Spring semester: February through end of April
Summer semester: June through end of August
September, January, & May are promotional months 

What about childcare?

Each group is different and is encouraged to find its own best way to take care of the children. We can help with ideas or any concern you may have regarding childcare. 

Is there a group near me and how do I join?

There may be a group near you. Check out the list of current Growth Groups on the map below. New groups are started throughout the year. You can join by filling out the Growth Group Registration Form on the website, or you can contact Pastor Nathan at Nathan.Kennedy@bnc.org.