There are many questions people have about how we can believe in God, or what is true about how we should live in relationship to our God.  We have provided some links to external independent websites that might be of some use in researching answers to common questions about faith.


Christian Apologetics & Intelligent Design

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This site, sponsored by the C.S. Lewis Society and Trinity College of Florida, is a weblog and forum site dedicated to general apologetics and Intelligent Design (ID) a scientific theory that rivals Darwin's Evolutionary theory.


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This is an independent non-profit organization that has compiled a data base of answers to common questions regarding faith, love, family, entertainment, and life. Not all answers may align with our beliefs, however, their content may be helpful in your personal research.


Creation and Evolution

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 Ken Hamm is an internationally known speaker and author on matters of creation and evolution. Ken has a degree in applied science with an emphasis on environmental biology. Explore his website for answers to common creation questions.